At Purser Law, we know that tough times can cause otherwise good people to do bad things. Sometimes, criminal charges are the result. Luckily, we are big believers in second chances.

Purser Law is composed of compassionate Edmonton Criminal Lawyers who will take a holistic and client centred approach to your case to ensure that the outcome achieved not only addresses the criminal charges before the Court but, wherever possible, the root cause of the charges as well. Working closely with many community supports, Stacey is an Edmonton Criminal Lawyer who will work with you to try and ensure that you never come before the Courts again.

When it comes to your charges, Stacey is an Edmonton Criminal Lawyer with significant experience with a wide range of Criminal Code, Controlled Drug and Substance Act and regulatory offences.

Stacey also has experience with all modes of trial, whether by Provincial Court Judge, Queen’s Bench Judge Alone or Queen’s Bench Judge and Jury. At Purser Law, we will work with you to determine which mode of trial is best to give you the greatest chance of success at trial.

If you have already been convicted, Purser Law has Edmonton Criminal Lawyers with extensive experience appearing before Appellate Courts in Western and Northern Canada.

At Purser Law, we want to ensure that you find a lawyer that you are comfortable with in terms of price point and experience level. We are open about our fees and will ensure that you are paired with a talented lawyer that you can afford, no matter what your financial situation is.

To talk to an Edmonton Criminal Lawyer at Purser Law, call 1-800-523-6202 for a free consultation or book online now.